Hi.  We are simply two Mom’s who love life, fun adventures and exploring new things through the eyes of our boys.  

Our friendship began in Kindergarten and as not date us, that was over 25 years ago!  We continued on through Elementary School, Middle School and High School together.   Fun fact: we had cats that were siblings named Foxy and Roxy.  Long story but it was a total coincidence since Tiff was given Roxy by a friend.  Both cats lived to over 15  years old.  We are big animal lovers too.  

Since we were both beach bums, we decided to stay local for University and both are Florida Atlantic University Alums.  Classes were scheduled around prime beach time.  When we graduated college, we both began internships at the same company, which was quite the learning experience for us both in many ways.  We both were hired on full time and began our careers together.  While planning an event one day, we came across a hottie, private Chef who is now Tiffany’s husband and baby Daddy.  

Tiff and her husband were relocated to Texas for work and while in TX, found out they were expecting their 1st baby!  When my husband and I attended her baby shower, we had some exciting news to share with them.  We were also expecting!  I know, it sounds a little crazy, but it’s all true.  

Our 1st boys are 4 months apart.  My second was born 3 ½ months ago, so we have our hands full to say the least.  My husband’s work took us for a brief move to Chicago and we all couldn’t wait to get home.  We need our feet planted in the sand at all times.  That white stuff they call snow is for the birds.  

Both of our boys began a school program together, which allows them to explore their creativity through nature and play.  I think it also sparked our creative juices too.  We are crunchy Moms and love finding Momtrepreneurs and Small Businesses to support.  Our happy place is at the beach, with the sand in our toes, well, now with toddlers, sand in our ears, eyes, mouth and all the hidden cracks.  Hence our company name, Little Swells.  Our main focus is on unique and trendy newborn, infant and toddler clothing and accessories, wooden toys and natural skin products for children and Mommys. We hope you and your families enjoy our products as we have put a lot of energy into scouting out and creating the products we sell.  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you become a customer for life.